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What is SkinPen®?
SkinPen® by Bellus Medical is a transient, non-surgical, cosmetic micro-needling device for the creation of “micro” skin punctures
to improve the appearance of the skin. SkinPen® is an automated microneedling technology device designed for use by medical professionals.

Sterile microneedle cartridges are provided for single use only. Microneedling is used primarily to help revitalize aging skin and
soften acne scars.

How does SkinPen® work?
Microneedling allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair process by creating precise, micro injuries in the skin. This triggers the skin's natural healing response, resulting in healthy, glowing skin, and increased collagen and elastin production.

What can I expect from a SkinPen® Treatment?
  • A comfortable procedure. Based on your specific needs, your provider may apply a topical numbing agent to ensure your comfort during the    procedure.
  • A short procedure time. Procedure time may range from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • A mild sensation. Most patients report feeling just the slight vibration of SkinPen® during the procedure.
  • Mild post-procedure effects . The skin will appear slightly pink to red immediately post-procedure, similar to a mild to moderate sunburn.
  • Soothing aftercare. Your clinician will apply a topical post-procedure protocol specifically for post-microneedling to calm the skin.
  • A plan for optimal results. Your clinician will recommend a course of procedures (typically 3-6) appropriate for your skin’s needs and request you return within 4-6 weeks for your next procedure to ensure optimal results.
  • A post-procedure skin care regimen to optimize your results. Your clinician will provide you with a concise, easy-to-use skincare regimen formulated specifically to your needs.
  • Beautiful, lasting results.

What results should I expect from a SkinPen® Treatment?
Since everyone’s body reacts to injury based on several factors (e.g., genetics, diet, lifestyle), SkinPen® results will vary.
The number of sessions required and the depth of the procedure will depend on what skin conditions your practitioner is working to address.

While multiple sessions are recommended to achieve optimal microneedling results, noticeable changes may be seen just one week following the procedure and gradually improve as the body’s healing process promotes collagen remodeling.

What is the downtime and what side-effects can I expect?
The total healing time depends on each individual patient. Most patients have some slight swelling and redness/pinkness (like a mild sunburn) for 2-4 days. Some patients may heal completely in 24 hours. *Individual results will vary.

How long will the procedure take and will it hurt?
The procedure typically takes 30 minutes. Most clinicians apply a topical anesthetic to the skin prior to the procedure.

This allows for a relatively pain-free experience.

Can I wear makeup immediately following a procedure?
Patients typically can resume their normal makeup regimen 2-3 days following their SkinPen® procedure depending on the
area and type of procedure performed.

When will I see results?
Patients may notice healthier looking skin immediately. However, the natural repair process of your own skin continues to progress over
the course of several weeks. Damage that has occurred over an extensive period of time won’t disappear immediately.

You may not see the final result for up to 3-6 months following your final session. *Individual results will vary.

How often should I get a SkinPen® Treatment?
While results may be seen as early as one procedure, a series of three procedures are recommended to see results and achieve your goals.

Your SkinPen® clinician will evaluate your skin and prescribe a course of procedures appropriate for your needs and goals.

As the skin continues to age and we continue to battle skin conditions and environmental stress, a plan for continued skin maintenance is advised. For optimal results, SkinPen® is generally recommended as a course of three procedures, spaced in 30 day increments.
Maintenance typically consists of a periodic (e.g. once per quarter) SkinPen® procedure and the use of appropriate topical skincare products.

What should I use on my skin following a SkinPen® Treatment?
Your skin cells need the right nutrients at the right time to provide the highest opportunity for results.

In addition, the avoidance of topical ingredients known to induce inflammation in the skin or affect the skin’s natural
repair mechanisms is critical to the results and should be avoided. Your SkinPen® clinician will carefully select post-procedure formulations that will deliver the key nutrients to tend to your skin.